Introducing Pipebanned

Brace yourselves…

Have you been missing out on seeing the best pipe band competitions around Australia and NZ? Are they too far away? Are you too lazy to travel to get to them? Do you wish someone was live streaming them in HD quality?

Well, lucky viewers, this website is your dream come true. With a deep background in live streaming all sorts of brass bands events (please, don’t judge us), the incredibly handsome, talented, smart and modest team from Brassbanned has branched out to the infinitely more challenging and interesting world of streaming Pipe Band competitions!
Brassbanned has been streaming brass band, wind band and classical music events since 2008. We deliver HD live streams of the NZ Brass Band Championships, NZ Concert Band Festival, Australian National Band Championships – and classical music events for clients including the mighty Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. We also run the very successful (and somewhat more serious) live and on-demand streaming company called 5stream.
We deliver interactive, HD live streams of musical contests and competitions, complete with informative commentary. Taking our streaming skillset to the great outdoors presents a few challenges that the (weaker) indoor musical groups never have to have to deal with – rain, wind, and very long cable runs. We might be relying on you – loyal viewer at home – to let us know how the audio feeds are going. So once we are off and streaming, please join us on the chat to let us know your thoughts!

„Every day used to be a struggle. I had no motivation to do anything worthwhile. Now – due to Pipebanned – I feel like I have a new lease on life!

– Anonymous contributor –

We will be building out this website bit-by-bit this year, and your contributions are very welcome. If you have information around what your band is up to – concerts, competitions, fundraisers, new music, salacious stories and back room gossip – send an email to