2019 New Zealand Pipe Band Championships


Watch Friday’s events at this temporary YouTube link (we will upload the high quality files next week): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooh0p4x5F_s

Grade 2 MSR (Panel 2) 
12:30Canterbury Caledonian Society (G2)
12:40Hamilton Caledonian
12:50St Andrew’s College
13:00Northland Caledonian Pipe Band
13:10Celtic Pipe Band (Nelson)
13:20ILT City of Invercargill HPB
13:30South Canterbury Pipe Band
13:40Wellington Red Hackle Pipe Band
Grade 2 Medley (Panel 1) 
13:50Canterbury Caledonian Society (G2)
14:00Hamilton Caledonian
14:10St Andrew’s College
14:20Northland Caledonian Pipe Band
14:30Celtic Pipe Band (Nelson)
14:40ILT City of Invercargill HPB
14:50South Canterbury Pipe Band
15:00Wellington Red Hackle Pipe Band
Grade 1 MSR (Panel 2) 
15:20Manawatu Scottish
15:30Auckland & District Pipe Band
15:40New Zealand Police Pipe Band
15:50Canterbury Caledonian Society PB
Grade 1 Medley (Panel 1) 
16:00Manawatu Scottish
16:10Auckland & District Pipe Band
16:20New Zealand Police Pipe Band
16:30Canterbury Caledonian Society PB
Main Events 
16:40Display – McAlpines North Canterbury
16:50Mace Flourishing Finals
17:30Massed Bands & Presentations

By invitation of the Royal NZ Pipe Bands’ Association, team Brassbanned is heading to Dunedin to provide the world’s best pipe band live stream – the 2019 NZ Pipe Band Championship.

The world’s finest live streaming outfit will be back in action on Friday March 29 and Saturday March 30. We will once again be using our universally-lauded microphone technique to bring you crystal clear audio of all performing bands – as well as some thrilling vision. We promise to bring you the tightest close ups and the widest wide shots you have ever seen.

Not satisfied with simply providing the highest quality live streaming the universe has ever experienced, Team Brassbanned has reached out to the world’s most charismatic pipe band personality – Mr. Tyler Fry. Tyler has agreed to join the commentary team and will give special comments and interviews throughout the day.

You will be able to watch the HD live stream right here, for free, on Friday March 29, with the first band taking to the circle at 9:00am NZST.

We will be covering all performing bands in both circles, as well as delivering stunning vision of the Street March on Saturday morning.