Fine Music: Reading Day


Click here to watch the 2016 Fine Music Concert Band reading day!

Get your head around the latest and greatest concert band compositions from composers all over the world – plan your 2016 repertoire and leave Wombat Shuffle behind!

An annual institution, the Fine Music reading day will be romantically taking place on February 14, 2016. Brassbanned will be in attendance with some microphones and cameras, streaming and archiving the massed scratch (and hopefully not too scratchy) band, as they play (plow?) through new works for 2016.

From beginner to advanced – to infinity and beyond – repertoire for all levels of ensemble will be played

My plan is to keep all the pieces up as an archive – I think the publishers and composers would prefer to sell more works by having them showcased online… However, we will have to see what the copyright people have to say about that.