Live Streaming NSW State Championships


Hi Loyal Viewer,

The Stream Team from Brassbanned is very excited to be off the NSW this weekend to cover the NSW State Band Championships. We’ve heard there are huge numbers of bands competing over 2 days of competitions… After hearing the fabulous standard at the recent Victorian Championships, it will be really interesting to hear how the NSW bands compare!

Once again, network connections aren’t quite what we would hope. We will most likely be running off 4G for the contest. There will be two concurrent venues running, and we will be doing our best to live stream everything from both!

If the available bandwidth doesn’t let that happen, we will focus all our mental efforts and bandwidth on streaming from just one venue…Keep checking back for updates as things progress! All going well, we should be set up and run some tests by 9am on Saturday. Then, we’ll update the Broadcast Schedule, and also let you know if we think we’ll be covering just one or two rooms.

Looking forward to having you join us for yet another amazing brass band live stream!