Pre-Nationals Interview: Geelong West Brass Band


Hi Again Loyal Viewers,

I caught up with Jeff Steele – Conductor of one of Australia’s finest B Grade Bands – the mighty Geelong West Brass Band. Jeff spoke with me about all-weekend rehearsals, the core band membership – and the fact that in these competitions it is really down to having a good day on the stage.

Geelong West were up in A grade over the past few years – after doing really well at both a National and State level before then. They did a tremendous amount of work, but as with most real, community based regional brass bands, they found it hard to find enough local players to really give A Grade a shake for an extended period of time. I think it’s a real feather in the cap of the entire band that they kept the same core playing group and progressed right up to A Grade!

I’ve had the pleasure of helping them with a few concerts and contests and can vouch for the fact they’re a great group of people. Jeff articulated what I think most bands secretly think before a contest… work as hard as you can then hope that you ‘wing it’ on the day and bring your best performance to the stage!

I hope you enjoy the interview – and good luck to Geelong West and all the B grade bands competing at the Nationals